Holiday Gift Guide- Unique Ideas For the Ranch Employees- Paid and Unpaid

The “princesses and princes” of the ranch, also know as your children, will be expecting gifts this holiday season. Even the “jokers” or paid employees will be hoping for a little something extra. Yes, everyone like cash, but put a little extra thought and personalization into your gift giving this year with the help of this guide.

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Something Practical

In a ranch setting, a present of something practical is always appreciated. No worries of money wasted. The gift will get used out of necessity and won’t collect dust on a shelf or be forgotten in the bottom of a drawer.

Knives & Tools

This may sound a bit scary, but they’re very useful. They’re always good for cutting net wrap or twine. Inside the house I’m always asking for a knife to open an Amazon box or remove a price tag. Inside or outside, there’s always something that needs cut.
A person can never really have too many knives, plus they tend to get lost.
There’s a wide range of quality and price points with knives. Be as stingy or extravagant as you see fit.

If knives aren’t an option or you’re looking for a gift for someone younger, choose another type of useful tool. Doing work or getting a job done is more enjoyable and easier with new tools.

Bags or Personal Items

What are they passionate about? Sports? Roping? Travel? Every hobby has organizational tools. A sports enthusiast might love a team duffle bag or backpack. An aspiring roper? Get the a bag to house their ropes. Anyone who travels for any reason can always use a nice carry-on bag.

Bags can be great gifts for any age or sex of recipient. There is also a broad variety with options in any price range.

Gift Cards for Fuel/Convenience Stores

Although this isn’t very customized, you can still incorporate a personal touch by choosing locations that appeal to the recipient. Get to know their preferred hangouts and pay their way. If you are unsure, pick something more generic.
With options ranging from $1-infinity, you’ll be able to match the amount with the recipient and the packages/envelopes will all look the same.

Something Promotional

Ranch Merch

Gift a sweatshirt, hat or outerwear with the ranch brand or logo. The recipient will appreciate the wearable gift while also promoting their family/employer.

Something Enjoyable

While all gifts should be enjoyable, think of this as something of luxury or a splurge- something the recipient normally wouldn’t do for themselves.

Vacation Expenses

This can be done in a variety of ways. If travel is required for the job, pay for hotel rooms, dinners, etc. especially if this is not the norm. It will be a nice, unexpected gesture.
If we’re talking your kids and you’re going to foot the bill anyway- be sure to point it out to them. “This vacation is part of your Christmas/birthday gift” etc.

Gift Certificates

Provide them with a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant. Everyone loves food, but not always the extra costs of eating out. Now they can do it without the guilt.

Something Personal

Go the extra mile and find or make them a one of a kind gift. He or she may not work for you forever or live under your roof, but they’ll have a present that will be a reminder of time spent together.

Make a customized gift (or hire someone to do it). Our son received a Christmas gift of a “skull on a plaque”. Sounds weird, but he loves it. He shot the deer, but the tasks of cleaning, processing and mounting were completed by his extended family members. It was then presented as a gift- a one-of-a-kind “trophy” he will cherish forever.

Even if you don’t have family members of close friends to make this type of transformation- you can hire someone. By taking a rough, but personal item, and creating a keepsake, you’ll hit the jackpot in the gift category. Not just a hunting trophy, but can also be applied to a piece of furniture (have it restored) or a saddle or tack (have it cleaned and re-oiled).

As you begin, or maybe get close to finishing your shopping list for this year, don’t overlook these important people in your life. Show your true appreciation for all they do throughout the year- whether you pay them already in the form of a paycheck or by providing food and shelter.

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