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I think back to the early 2000’s, after just moving to Missouri, and my first boss telling me that I’d be ordering the majority of things from a catalog. As a “store shopper” I couldn’t believe her and her prophesizing. She wasn’t 100% right, but close. Twenty plus years ago, who knew we’d be shopping and buying so many things with a click of a button- on our computers or even crazier- on our phones!

Now only can you buy almost every personal item from Amazon, but you can shop for farm and ranch items too. Although I’m a supporter of buying local and think there is a place for specialized agriculture and western stores, it is hard to argue with the selection and convenience of Amazon. Get an Amazon Prime membership and you don’t even have to pay shipping, and the stuff is delivered “amazingly” quickly. Some things- the next day, and we live in the middle of no where!

As Amazon Prime Day comes and goes, take a look at the items we’ve shopped for and/or purchased from Amazon. Maybe it will spark your interest.

Be sure to click on the links below, even if the item isn’t an exact match to what your looking for- you’ll have the option to customize your search once you’re on the Amazon page.

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Farm & Ranch Upkeep & Maintenance

Living in the country on a farm, ranch, acreage- it seems like there’s always repairs and maintenance to be done. At least around here, time is a precious commodity and we like to get projects accomplished in an efficient manner.

Making the trip into town or to the larger city wipes out minutes and/or hours on our schedule. These blocks of time can be salvaged with just a few clicks. With a little planning the items needed arrive on the door step and we’re ready to get to work.

Barn Lights

Upgrade your original barn and outdoor lights to LEDs. We couldn’t believe the difference just a few of these made in our livestock barn.

Side By Side Oil Changing Kit

When it comes to anything mechanical or something with an engine, maintenance and upkeep is always important. Not sure what you’ll need or if your local shop will carry it? Search for the make and model and have the correct products delivered to your door.

Dewalt Cordless Drill Combo Kit

Having the right power tools, along with charged batteries, can make all the difference when building or repairing things around the ranch. Amazon has many great options.

DEWALT Tools Batteries and Accessories

Laundry Detergent

Ranch life isn’t always glamourous, but you can still look clean and fresh after laundry day.

Use these easy links for these items or to search similar ones.

Horse & Livestock Needs

Livestock can often be referred to as part of the family or similar to the responsibility of having kids. They’re always needing something… and it normally isn’t cheap.

Bell Boots

Skip the shipping charges and the long delivery time, simple tack and equipment purchases are quick and easy.

Dremel Tool For Eartags

We ordered the tags from a livestock site, but didn’t want to pay a premium for tools to etch the tags. A similar version with a variety of attachments made a terrific addition to our calving/tagging supply kit.

Tail Bags

I’m not sure about you and your horses, but ours do not care for tail bags, especially during fly season. We were looking for cheaper options that wouldn’t break the bank if one was lost in the pasture. Amazon was the solution. With many color and pricing options we chose an assortment that has worked well for us and our operation.

Curry Combs

This Father’s Day our youngest son wanted to get something for Dad. This can be challenging when he’s too young to drive, but with Mom’s phone and the option to “add to cart” on Amazon, he was able to pick out the curry combs that made the perfect, much needed, gift.

Interested in any of these items or something close? Simply click the links below.

Country Leisure

Time for fun and recreation can be hard to come by, so when the chance comes, don’t spend it commuting to the store.

Screw in Tree Steps

Hunting and the outdoors is a large part of our ranch life. Our son knew what he wanted and with a quick search found these steps on Amazon. They arrived in a day or two and worked great. We’ve also purchased other hunting gear including turkey calls and decoys, camo clothing, gun slings… the list goes on and on.

Shows to watch including football

Free time is a luxury, but when there is time to sit in front of the TV, stop surfing the channels and have the entertainment options you’ll enjoy.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial NowComplete TV Series and more: ParamountPrime Video is the home of Thursday Night Football

Calf Tying Dummy

When other sites are sold out, over-priced, or crazy-high shipping, be sure to check Amazon.

BooksDigital and Bound

Travel to different locations and experience new things, through books- on paper, on a device or even just through a speaker.

Kindle Unlimited Reading Subscription Discounted 6M, 12M, 24M pre-paid plans – earn bounty

Amazon can help you enjoy life… click the ads for more details.

Ranch Management- Technology

When it comes to technology, the selection in smaller stores can be very limited. Even larger stores don’t compare to what is available online. Amazon is the perfect solution: check out the latest technology, read reviews, conveniently purchase your items and have them shipped right to your home.

Computer Del Inspiron 15 Laptop

So many computer options- do your book keeping… check social media… shop Amazon…

Dog Training Collar

Last fall we got a new puppy. What does every energetic young cattle dog need? A training collar. 🙂 We don’t use it a lot and it didn’t need to be very hi-tech. It just needed to work. This lower-cost option has been a wonderful addition to our puppy training. When working around livestock, a young dog can get distracted or the commotion can get so loud they don’t hear commands. Click a button on the remote and you’ll have the dog’s attention- Click a button on your computer or phone and you can buy yourself one on Amazon!

Comsoon Bluetooth for the tractor

We have a new tractor on the farm. When it comes to the boys spending hours in the cab raking hay or hauling bales, they prefer to listen to their own playlist. A couple clicks on the Amazon app and by the end of the week they were cruising to their personal tunes instead of relying on the local radio stations.

Need to update your technology? Use the links here for easy access.

Farmer, Rancher, Cowboy Style

Trips to the western store to browse and shop can be a lot of fun, but often time and location can be large hurdles. If you’re in need (or even want) prior to your next planned trip to a big city, start searching on Amazon. With free shipping and returns on so many items, you’re not out a lot- just a day or two waiting for the box or bag to arrive in your mailbox. Spend that extra fuel money you saved on the items in your Amazon cart.

Clothing- Fishing Shirts,

Wrangler Jeans

Muck Style Boots

Rope Can

Cowboy Prom Jacket

The selection available on Amazon can often be unmatched. And that was exactly the case when shopping for a cowboy prom jacket for our son. He wanted something unique and didn’t want to spend a fortune. This jacket was a winner! We would have never found something like this in our <2000 population town, or even the nearest city.

Men’s Women’s and Kids’ Fashion from Amazon Brands

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Amazon has many programs available. Something for everyone.

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