Calf Roping, Broken Ankle, Photo Shoot and a Horse For Sale

Just another week for our in-laws, hanging out at Schwieter Land and Livestock.

The Story

Let’s start from the beginning. Casey’s brother, Colby, was at our place, taking a rope off a brahma-cross steer the boys had roped. While taking too long (I am ad-libbing a bit) Colby was approached- not so kindly- by the second calf in the arena. He scared the calf off but not before it kicked up and stepped on Colby’s ankle.

Long story short- broken ankle. Hospital. Surgery. Soft Cast. Crutches. The Works.

The Progress

The last month has gone by and Colby’s healing continues.

The Challenges

So along with this comes the guilt associated with one of OUR calves breaking HIS bone. Mostly it was bad luck, but that realization doesn’t fix anything.

There also is the responsibility to help out a brother, or anyone in need.

One of the biggest challenges is “Zeek”, the horse Colby had consigned to a catalog sale Sept. 4. The horse still needed ridden, handled, fed, new shoes… none of which even a cowboy could manage on crutches with no weight on his leg.

The Assistance

We all kicked in. Colby and Casey’s dad, Roger, started caring for and feeding the gelding. (Roger is great at feeding all animals.) Casey did the farrier work. And our twelve year old niece, Brynn, went to riding.

And I went to taking pictures. Brynn tried to act tough through all of this, but kids can only handle so much. I knew she was shook the day the injury happened and the extra stress of staying with grandparents, riding a horse in a new place and not having Colby by her side for everything would weigh on her.

The Fun in the Sun

My solution was a girls’ day-with a little mascara, a horse and some sunflowers- and otherwise not a care in the world. I even got this tom-boy cowgirl in a dress!

The Silver Lining

It is funny how things turn out. Also, how good things can come from mishaps. I would never wish Colby to break a bone. (Even when he picks on me) But it was great to have this opportunity to connect with Brynn through horses.

It is also ironic that Colby teases me for always having my phone along outside to take pictures. But then, he asks me to send him some action shots when its time to market his horse. I love having my camera there to document our family time- even with extended family (like Colby) and also this fun photo shoot with Brynn and Zeek.

The Lesson For Everyone

Take advantage of having your friends and family around- horse back or not. Don’t wait for a tragedy, an accident, or a broken bone to find a reason to make a day special.

Author’s Note: (I was not there the day of the broken ankle- I probably would have passed out, but maybe could have gotten some pictures first!)

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