Be Your Own Boss and Celebrate National Boss’s Day In Style

According to National Boss’s Day is October 16. If the date falls on a weekend, it is observed on the nearest working day. Read more details on the holiday here.

On this day we recognize all bosses, the good and the bad (maybe even the ugly). We’ve all had them- part time or full time, the ones we liked and those we didn’t. Some are easy to respect and appreciate and others create quite a challenge.

This year I’d like to focus on the idea of being your own boss. On this National Boss’s Day honor yourself! Many of us living the ranching lifestyle, work for our biggest critic- ourselves. Use this day to embrace the opportunity you’ve created. Buy yourself flowers or go out to eat, maybe give yourself a bonus- you deserve it.

Whether its marketing and promotions or physically training the colt, being your own boss has its perks and also its challenges. There’s no one above you to pass the responsibility to; you’re the last stop. Bad weather? Don’t complain to the manager: deal with it. No internet connection? There’s not an IT department: fix it yourself. Bills to pay? Don’t ask for a raise: find another way to create income.

There’s a plus side also. No punching a time clock or dealing with office drama. Don’t like how something is dealt with? You have the control to change it. No management bureaucracy at home on the ranch or farm. You set your own hours and work with the people you choose.

On this 2020 Boss’s Day let’s embrace the self-employed. Congratulations and Thanks for all you do! You’re it: The president, the manager, the laborer, the strategist, THE BOSS. Happy National Boss’s Day!

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