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Why create a blog, you ask? Or even mess with a web site? Why Not. It’s what I’m trained to do. With a degree in Public Relations, how could I pass on an opportunity to promote my favorite organization, one founded by me, Schwieter Land and Livestock!

Marketing is an undeniable sector of the horse industry and ranch promotion. Gone are the days of a good horse “selling itself”. Horse marketing is so extreme now, filled with smoke and mirrors, that it is difficult for the customer to even know if they’re getting a good value or if they’ve simply spent top dollar for a portrayed image. What about the actual product? The Horse. With this site, I plan to give you the best of both worlds: be authentic and showcase our horses, while promoting their talents. This in-house marketing technique (literally from inside our house! maybe the deck) will save us all time, effort and frustration.

For years, Casey has preached “not bragging” on a horse too much. He’s found that the more promises, guarantees and exaggerations you make, the more likely it will be for the horse, or the deal, to blow up in your face. Tell it to them straight… We don’t NEED to sell a horse and we don’t want a transaction to result in an unhappy customer.

The Schwieter family has been in the horse business for generations, going back as far as the days of the horse- when you trained horses, not as a business, or as a hobby, but to have one broke enough to use. Without a trained horse, farming, feeding, and daily life was almost impossible. Not to mention TRAVELING! We don’t plan to have this lineage of horse utilizing, loving, training, marketing, etc, end with us. We’re preparing our kids and future generations by instilling values that will help them, not only in the horse business, but in every aspect of life.

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